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Maria Kristine Eva Redillas, that's my name.
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Being a Fat-Tin

So here is my written entry on my insights on me being a fattie or as I would call it, my journey on being a fattie. It’s not that it is an issue but I’d just like to share it. (This may be a lengthy and wordy post so read at your own risk!) ✌

It was not so long ago when I was thin, well to be honest, the right term is skinny. Yes, I was skinny before. The thinnest I got was a 20” waist line (of course, during elementary days). When I got in high school, I had this trend with my body that I gained weight and drastically lost and regained it back up until I went to college.

When I got in college, I was thin and I wouldn’t call it sexy either because I did not have those perfectly sculpted abdominal muscles or even toned arms and legs or the firm butt. Towards the middle of my frosh year, I got enticed of enrolling in a well-known fitness gym in the country. I went there with my friend. So I got to see some people who really are heavier than me, pursue their journey to their own fitness. Little did I know that I was just starting my journey to have a beautifully shaped body. I really did cardio, had some weight training but what I enjoyed most about going to the gym were the classes they had. You would just pick out what you like best and go there for the schedule and participate in the program. I got to participate in the dance classes particularly hip-hop and latin. Moreover, the facilities in the said fitness gym were really up to date so i t was more alluring to work-out then.

As the months went by, I was losing my passion in going to the gym. I would just rather do some quick routines in my room than to go there however, I was still maintaining the physique I had. But little by little I learned how to eat, and eat and eat more than my usual.

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It’s been a long time since I wrote an entry here in my Tumblr blog that has been reborn. (Yes, read that right, reborn). I deleted my previous blog that had been n years old and created this new one in hoping to find new acquaintances that would share the passion as I do.

Now, my dilemma is to be a working student or a full-time worker and a part-time student. The question will be, what am I going to study? It will be law and as far as I know, it will be a tedious study to go through. It will be another four (4) years plus a year for review and hopefully the bar exams which I hope I will pass if ever I will push through law.

To be honest, being a lawyer has become my first dream (sort of first love, in other instances) and it lasted for almost a lifetime. I know that one should not give up on his/her dreams because it will be the one to make you truly happy.

It will be one of the biggest decisions in life and I know I am still young to make major decisions in life, little by little I am learning to.